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One of the most important things about mental health is learning to love yourself. As mentioned in the Shapeshifters post, it’s so important to have a strong foundation. That’s what Fountainhead is all about. Taking your life back from others and making it your own.

It’s really easy, especially when dealing with emotional trauma, to forget about yourself and just focus on others. Either that, or allowing others to rule your life, depending on them to lift you up, tell you what to do. But that’s not how you live life. In the last song, No Parallels, we got a glimpse of living life outside of monetary gain, breaking free from that cycle and focusing on yourself.

Now we see that same idea being built upon. The song opens up with “In a murmuring room full of critics and fakers” and in the next verse “Waiting on a single word / that could spill from my mouth / that would give them a reason / to take me for all I’m worth”. I love these lines because he’s not passively backing down. He realises what he’s up against, and faces it head on.

But this song goes so much deeper than just standing up for yourself after living a life that was in their shadows. It also explores the idea of those who have gotten use to you being passive and doing whatever it is that they said not liking you standing up for yourself. Which can be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome.

We can sit here and have a discussion on toxic friendships and how it’s better to get out of them, which if your friends don’t like you standing up for yourself and being your own person, that’s not a healthy relationship. But that’s a completely different topic. When you are working on rebuilding yourself after a difficult time, even more when it’s from the ground up, it’s not as easy as just “cutting them loose.”

This song is an anthem for those who have overcome that hardship and taken back who they are. I love the part in the song where he questions where they got the idea they can control his life.
“I don’t use your lungs to breath, your feet can’t walk for me. / So tell me where you take your right to my mind.” Then just a few lines later “So tell me where you take your right to my freedom, my cause for creation, my mind, my direction, my life.” It fits so perfectly in with finding your own happiness and not letting others make that choice for you.

One of my favorite sections in this entire album is in this song. Near the end, right before the last chorus, “I’m the one who wears the consequence / I’m the one who will stay true to myself.” He’s not looking for a way out, or an excuse. He’s taking 100% ownership of his life and his actions. I think it’s so important. Because once we take ownership of ourselves, it becomes easier to change who we are. We can break ourselves down (in a healthy way) and rebuild ourselves stronger and healthier when we know who we are and believe in ourselves.

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