Month: February 2017

February 28, 2017 auticus No comments exist

Have you ever woken up at the bottom of a pit? No clue how you got there, who put you there, or how to get out?

It’s a deep pit, not something that is easily able to be climbed out of. It’s not very big, maybe twice your height. The ground is covered in loose stones, but the walls are smooth, with nothing to grab onto. Throwing one of the stones, you can barely make it high enough to reach the lip of the pit. You know that your basic needs need to be met. You can go about a month without food, but water, you need that.

Luckily, there’s a pool of water coming in from one of the edges of the pit. The water looks clean, and it seems to taste fine. So at least you have that covered. Using one of the small stones on the ground, you scratch a tick mark on the wall.

The next morning, you do a quick inventory check. Realizing it’s not a dream, you really are here, and there is still no way out. You do a thorough look through the bottom of the pit, seeing if there is anything that you can use to get out, but there’s nothing. Besides the pool of water, the wall seems to have no defects in it. You take one of the bigger rocks, seeing if maybe it’s possible to create foot holes in the wall, but quickly find that’s not going to be possible.


February 3, 2017 auticus No comments exist

Breaking The Habit

This semester I’m in a Counselling¬†Theory and Practice class. The entire class is learning about different Theories, and putting them into practice (so you know, aptly named). We do a lot of activities during the class that might be done in a counselling session.

This past week we all had to take a rock, while we are in class, we have to hold onto our rock. We can’t put it on the floor or table. At a minimal, it has to be on our lap. The rock is to represent a burden, and how we carry it around with us. In counselling, the counsellor would have the client take the rock with them outside of the sessions. But for class purposes, we just have them during the class period (which is a three-hour class).

If at any point during the semester we want to get rid of the rock, we have to announce in front of the whole class that we are getting rid of our burden. We then have to announce what our burden is and what steps we’ve taken/are taking to get rid of the burden. So it can’t just be something like “My burden is finance¬†and I’m getting rid of it” then leaving it at that.