Month: November 2016

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Gorillaz – 19-2000 (Soulchild remix)

Music is very important to me. Which is why I put a song in front of each post. I also have a huge variety of music that I listen to. I’ve been asked to write a post about my music choices and a bit about what music means to me.


I’ve probably got some type of music that’ll fit your needs, do you like Math? I’ve got Mandelbrot Set or PI. But maybe math isn’t your thing. No worries, maybe you like a bit of art in your music? Check out A Fire On A Hill. Maybe you just like really long songs, if so Shine On You Crazy Dimond is for you.


Jokes aside though. Music is an important part of my life. I started piano lessons when I was 13, after two years of lessons, I switched to guitar. Since then, I’ve taught myself, Banjo and Ukulele. I also play around with a chiptune program I have on my old Gameboy. Music isn’t just an escape from the pains of this world, it’s an outlet to express myself. Even if I’m not writing the music myself. So often I find that an artist has said exactly how I feel better than I ever could.


When my grandpa suddenly passed away, Bruddah Iz was there for me. When I feel like I have nowhere to go, Madina Lake has the perfect song for me, multiple songs in fact. When I struggle with my identity, MC Lars and Dr. Awkward have it covered. Sometimes though, you just need music to drown out everything else, which is when I turn to Thousand Foot Krutch and The Glitch Mob.



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Jimmy Eat Word – Hear you Me

It’s been a lot longer than I would have liked to make this post. I’ve been struggling with it for over a week, trying to decide what I need to write, and what needs to remain silent. This is one of the hardest topics for me to talk about, but it’s needed.

When I lived in Georgia, I rode my bike a lot. I was somewhere between the age of 14-16 at the time, but that didn’t stop me from riding 5-6 miles at a time. There was one loop I particularly liked to go around because it was four miles long, so I didn’t have to keep going by the same scenery the entire time.

It was during one of these bike rides that I was greeted by two other people. They were also riding their bikes, and after seeing me ride around for a few days, decided to say hi. These two people went on to shape my life in more ways than they’ll ever know. Their names were Susan and Justin.

A lot of this area of my life is pretty fuzzy, or just straight up blacked out. So I don’t remember exactly how it all happened. But somehow we got involved in some pretty shady stuff. We would keep an eye out for any unwanted people within the area, and report to those we needed to if we saw anyone. This was before the age of cell phones, so we used our bikes to get around quickly.

I saw pretty get beat up pretty badly, saw people get shot at (as far as I can recall, I never saw someone get shot). I don’t really remember the full details of it all. But there are two parts of all this that I remember very clearly.


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Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

My plan from the start was to do NaNoWriMo in one day. At least, the default 50k word goal. I had started at midnight, wrote straight till 6AM, took a 4-hour nap and then wrote until I was finished. I think I wrote the last words around 6:30.

Only about 9k of the words actually were kept. But I got the words out on paper, and got the ideas that I wanted solidified, along with plot twists and character development, so if I ever decide to go back and rewrite it (a whole lot slower) then I’ll have everything I need.

The question I’ve been asked the most, “Why did you do it?” or “What’s the point?”. I was surprised at the amount of people who thought it was pointless, and some who were hostile towards my goal. Saying I was just doing it to “show off” or “rub it in”. Which, yes, I did want to show off my achievement, so I am guilty of that. But I didn’t do it to be a show off. I did it because I wanted to see if I could, and if I would be able to challenge myself to that goal.

For me, it wasn’t about “winning in one day.” or “completing NaNo”. NaNoWriMo isn’t done. It’s only day two, and I still have 29 more days to write on. It’s like in a video game. You have achievements, and you have a storyline (in most video games). For some players, they just care about the storyline (the 50k). Once that’s over with, they put down the game, and may never look back on it. Other people look at the achievements (write 50k in one day) and strive to complete those. It doesn’t make one better than the other, it’s just different types of players. Also, beating an achievement, doesn’t beat the game. You still have to go through the storyline to complete it.

I’ve been in a rather bad spot the past few of weeks with my life. Struggling to remain positive and figure out what comes next. This year, NaNo is all about proving to myself that I can do something, and I can push forward on a difficult task. In my mind, if I can write 50k words in one day, I can find another job. It was proof to me that I don’t have to give up. Most people don’t see that though, or don’t want to.

If you see anyone doing something you find impossible, or amazing, or anything else. I’d encourage you not to knock them down. Just because it seems like showing off to you, doesn’t mean it is. It could be the one thing they could do to keep themselves going.

That’s not to say that I didn’t get support. A lot of people were excited about my achievement, and my friends were very excited about it. I’m grateful for them and extremely lucky to call them friends. But it’s so easy for us to only see the negative, and get pushed down because of that. Unless you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the person is cheating (Such as the person who posted that they had 350k words on day one) give them the benefit of the doubt, encourage them.

The song today, is fantastic. When you write 50,000 words in one day, grammar is the first thing to go out the window. Comma’s, Oxford or not, just didn’t happen half the time. But the song isn’t really about the Oxford Comma, but more “why are we judging each other over something so small?”. When you really get down to it, it’s not that big of a deal how long someone wrote 50k words. We have an amazing chance for us all to get together and encourage each other to write the story we have inside us. Word counts aside, let’s all just write!